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Onion powder delivers the real flavor and aroma of onions, has a long shelf life, and of course no dicing or tears necessary!

Onion PowderPowdered onion is perfect as a seasoning, a condiment, in chili, dry rubs, and to keep on hand when you are out of fresh onions. Substitute one tablespoon onion powder for every medium onion called for in a recipe.

Our onion powder is made from high quality onions, which have been ground, quickly dried, and ground again to assure a fine flavor & consistency! Nothing else is added.

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Onion powder is perfect as a condiment, for taco mix, chili, barbecue rubs, salad dressings, dips, marinades, and as an addition to hamburgers.

Onions have become an essential ingredient in many dishes including soups, stews, meats of all kinds, salads, eggs, salsa, and many other foods.

History of the Onion

Onions have been cultivated and consumed since Egyptian times when this vegetable was even included in tomb offerings. Onions most likely originated in the Middle East and since then, the onion has been widely used around the world, including in Europe, China, India, Russia, Turkey, and of course the North America (Supposedly, Christopher Columbus brought this popular vegetable to the New World on his second voyage here).

Onions have come to have a particular importance in the Northern European countries where they grow well and can be stored over the winter.

The Onion Plant

The onion plants, Allium cepa, are a member of the Alliaceae, or onion family. Until recently, onion where classified as members of the lily family along with many flowering plants and asparagus. Now, onions along with garlic, leeks, shallots, and chives have their own family, Alliaceae. Onions are the underground bulbs of the onion plant; they are composed of thin layers of flesh.

The onion bulbs are used by the plants to store energy over the first season for use in the second season to produce flowers and then seed. This kind of growing cycle makes onions biennials, or plants that grow for two seasons and then die.

The onion plant's leaves look more like a cluster of stalks than true leaves. They are long, hollow, cylindrical leaves that can stand a few feet high. These leaves are eatable and sold when young as green onions or scallions.




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Onion Powder Recipes

Onion Salt Recipe

Mix two parts onion powder to every part salt. Blend to make a consistent mixture.







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