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    Four Color Rainbow Mix

    Four Color Rainbow Peppercorn Mix..As low as $.81 per oz. ! View Rainbow!

    This Imperial blend is a generous mix of all four colors of peppercorns producing a complex peppercorn flavor with a nice level of pepper heat.

     Whole Black Peppercorns
    Whole Black Peppercorns.....As low as ˘62 per oz. !  View Black!

    Freshly ground black pepper provides a delightfully spicy kick and that unique peppercorn flavor.
     Black Tellicherry & Malabar peppercorns available.

    Whole White Peppercorns

    Whole White Peppercorns.....As low as ˘81 per oz. !       View White!

    White peppercorns deliver a clean, spicy peppercorn taste without the flavor or dark specks from the peppercorn's outer coating.

    Whole Green Peppercorns
    Whole Green Peppercorns

    ....As low as $1.15 per oz. !    View Green!

    Immature green peppercorns have a fresh & spicy flavor that livens foods while adding a slightly milder peppercorn heat.

    Whole Pink Peppercorns
    Whole Pink Peppercorns

    .......As low as $1.43 per  oz. !  View Pink!

    Pink peppercorns have a lovely fruity flavor and a mild pepper flavor without any of the heat.

    Check out the picture of the imperial peppercorn mix to the left. It is a blend of all four colors and not just black pepper with a dash of other colored peppercorns here and there!


    Specialty Peppercorn Blends: 

    French Blend
    French Peppercorn Blend......................4 oz. --$4.97    
    View Now!

    A blend of flavorful black peppercorns &  fresh tasting green peppercorns.

    European Blend
    European Peppercorn Blend......................4 oz. --$3.97    View Now!

    A blend of bold black & spicy white peppercorns.

    Extra Hot Peppercorns........4 oz. --$3.97    View Now!

    Black peppercorns dusted with the perfect amount of spicy cayenne pepper.

    High quality spices for less!


    Mixed fresh peppercorns in a bowl


    Look at the mix of colors in this peppercorn blend!

    Compare our price & picture


    Spice up your cuisine with the complex flavor & beautiful aroma of our freshly ground, gourmet pepper!


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    Pepper Facts:


    Peppercorns are the most widely traded spice in the world...!!!





    There are over 100 varieties of peppercorns!





    A peppercorn plant produce green, black, or white pepper depending upon when the berries are picked.




    The average American eats over 1/4 lb. of pepper every year!





    True peppercorns get their hot flavor from the alkaloid Piperine.




    Ground pepper only stays fresh for around three months.





    T O P

    Fresh peppercorns on the vine    




    Mixed Peppercorns:

     Rainbow Peppercorn blend

    This imperial rainbow blend contains generous amounts of all four colors of peppercorns. The freshly ground peppercorn mixture provides a complex pepper flavor and aroma. These mixes also look stunning in a glass container or clear pepper mill.

      A French blend is a mixture of green and black peppercorns, while a European blend contains a mixture of white and black.

    Buy Rainbow Peppercorns!


    Piper nigrum (Black Peppercorns)

    Black PeppercornsThe peppercorn plant belongs to the piperaceae plant family. It is a woody evergreen vine that grows up to 11 yards tall and has dark green, broad, somewhat oval shaped leaves. The plants use aerial roots to help them cling to, and climb trees. Peppercorn plants have small white flowers that bloom in clusters of up to 150 florets and hang down in a spike. These flowers then ripen into the little berries that we know as peppercorns. It takes several years for a young plant to flower and begin to produce fruit (the peppercorns). Since peppercorn plants prefer hot, humid, tropical environments, they are mostly produced in India, although production also occurs in Indonesia, Brazil, and other tropical places. Black pepper often takes on the name of the region where it is produced, or the port from which it is exported. Malabar, Tellicherry, Singapore, Bangkok, Sarawak, and Belém are common examples of this. Three different kinds of peppercorns are produced by Piper nigrum: black, white, and green.

    Buy Black Peppercorns!


    White Peppercorns:

     White Peppercorns

    These peppercorns have a slightly hotter flavor and help keep light colored dishes and sauces aesthetically appealing. White peppercorns have a unique aroma that is not only hot, but slightly musky. They are the preferred pepper in much of the world. White pepper comes from the same species of plant as black peppercorns, but has been allowed to fully ripen and has had the black outer husks removed. See Piper nigrum above.

    These peppercorns go especially well in sauces, on light colored meats such as fish, and even in mashed potatoes.

    Buy White Peppercorns!


    Green Peppercorns:

     Green Peppercorns

    These peppercorns have a clean, sharp, but somewhat milder, fruity, or "green flavor". Green peppercorns are immature black peppercorns that have been picked from the peppercorn plants while still green and not fully ripe. They are then steamed and quickly dehydrated. See Piper nigrum above.

    These dehydrated green peppercorns go especially well with very fresh or fruity tasting foods. They have a uniform light green color with the characteristic aroma and pungent flavor of fresh green pepper. Green peppercorns have important roles in French and Creole cooking. Try them ground on salads, steamed vegetables, in salsas, and sauces.

    Buy Green Peppercorns!


    Pink Peppercorns:

     Pink Peppercorns

    These rare and sometimes hard to find peppercorns come from France's Reunion Island off the Madagascar coast in the Indian Ocean. They have a fruity, slightly tart flavor, which goes especially well in fruit sauces, vinaigrette, and desserts. Their flavor is reminiscent of a mixture of mild citrus zest and sweet berries. Pink peppercorns have a rich pink color that adds an attractive touch of color to foods.

    These are not true "peppercorns", but a similar tasting berry of the Baies Rose Plant, or pepper tree (Schinus molle) that is a native of South America. The Baies Rose plant is a small tree that has numerous compound leaves with slender, symmetric, leaflets on each side of the leaf. The pink peppercorn plant, like its cousin the mango (Anacardiaceae family), this plant can also cause allergies. Pink peppercorns have a delicate, fragrant, sweet, and spicy flavor. These rare, little "berries" also add a dash of color to your culinary creations! Pink peppercorns are an ingredient in some Chilean wines and have numerous medical properties.

    Buy Pink Peppercorns!

    Schinus terebinthifolius also called the Brazilian pepper tree is a closely related species whose berries are also sold as pink peppercorns in some areas. This pink pepper plant, like Sch. molle, is also a small tree when fully grown. The biggest difference between it and Sch. molle are their compound leaves. The Leaves of Sch. terebinthifolius have fewer leaflets, are more stubby and rounded. This plant has an appearance similar to that of holly and is used as a substitute for it. Schinus terebinthifolius grows wildly in only a couple parts of the United States, and its berries are almost identical to that of its close relative Schinus molle.


    ***Beware of the rare potential of rashes and allergies when handling or consuming very large quantities of any variety of pink peppercorns.


      Family: Anacardiaceae

    Genus: Schinus

    Species': molle, terebinthifolius, aroeira


    Peppercorn History:


    Peppercorns have a long history of use as a condiment and a currency during human civilization. Peppercorns were first used as a spice more than 4000 years ago and then later as a type of "currency" to facilitate trade during the Middle Ages. It was considered as valuable as gold since peppercorns have an extremely long life. Pepper was the first spice used in Europe where it came to have a great social and economic value.

    Many explores and traders (Including Christopher Columbus) risked their lives, and made some significant discoveries, trying to find new trade routs to the Far East so they could acquire peppercorns and other exotic spices. Even today, many poor families in Asia often keep stashes of this prized spice as an investment for a rainy day. Peppercorns are the most widely traded spice in the world with Americans eating an average of over 1/4lb. per person per year. See More


    Peppercorn plant with unripe peppercorns on them!


    Cooking Hints:



    Cooking pepper for more than two hours can cause it to lose its flavor and aroma completely!

    Pepper acquires an amplified flavor after food it is in has been frozen.

    Pepper should be added to cooked dishes toward the end of cooking to prevent creating a bitter flavor that can occur when pepper is cooked for a long period of time.

    Try lightly toasting peppercorns in a dry frying pan before use to add a slightly nutty flavor.

    Try adding pink pepper to dishes and sauces to add color, or keep your light colored dishes and sauces light with white peppercorns.

    Wrap whole peppercorns in a cheese cloth bag or tea ball for simmering in soups and stews.

    Add to any savory dish, hot or cold. Seafood to vegetarian fare, everything taste better with a little bit of pepper!


    Click here for peppercorn recipes:

    Peppercorn sauces, dressings, dip, and more!


    Pepper Mills


    Pepper mills grind a small amount of fresh pepper, as needed. Most have a knob, or handle, at the top that with a few easy turns grind a small amount of fresh pepper from fine to coarse. If you do not already have a Pepper mill, they are a worthwhile investment. Whether it is your average black pepper, or an exciting multicolor blend, pepper is so much better when it is freshly ground! YOU WILL NEVER GO WITHOUT IT AGAIN..!!


    Pepper mills are available from a wide variety of sources. In all seriousness, the cheaper ones that are available at discount stores such as Wal-Mart grind pepper adequately for most people's needs compared to the more elaborate, elegant, and expensive mills. On the other hand, Zassenhaus of Germany is a renowned manufacture of superior grinding mills, some parts of their Pepper mills have a 10-year warranty! Mills such as these will grind pepper uniformly at a variety of sizes, a necessity for any chief, or serious cook's kitchen. More



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    Spice of Life Gourmet Peppercorns

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