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 Turmeric has a strong flavor, aroma, and color.

Turmeric's flavor is somewhat earthy, like horseradish and mustard, but with a slight hint of bitterness.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder's flavor could also be described as peppery, or even warm in the mouth.

Because Turmeric, which is sometimes misspelled as Tumeric, has such a strong flavor it should be added to dishes sparingly toward the end of the cooking process.

 This spice adds color to some kinds of mustard, curry powder, margarine, liqueurs, and it is even used as a food coloring. It should also be noted that turmeric's intense color will dye yellow any food to which it is added.
 Its bright yellow color is even used as a dye for fabrics.

This yellow dyeing effect on foods containing turmeric has earned it the nick name "Indian saffron". Although this nickname can be deceiving because only turmeric's color is similar to that of saffron's, the two spice's flavors are entirely different.


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Uses of Turmeric

Turmeric spice is extremely popular in Indian cooking. This colorful spice is added to almost every dish from India, but it is also used extensively in Middle Eastern cooking.

Turmeric is an essential ingredient in curry powder, adding its yellow color to this popular spice mixture. Turmeric is also often combined with rice, vegetables, lamb, and chicken. It even gives some pickles and ball park mustard their yellowish tints.

Turmeric can be used to hide the unpleasant smell of fish.

The spice is even used in cosmetics, medicines, and perfumes.

The Turmeric Plant


The Turmeric plant looks much like the ginger plant in appearance. Not too surprisingly, turmeric, Curcum longa, is a member of the Zingiberaceae family along with its cousin ginger. The main edible part of both plants is an underground stem called a rhizome.

Both turmeric and ginger's rhizomes are thick, fleshy, and have knobby off Fresh turmeric root shoots that look like stubby fingers. The turmeric rhizome sends up both leaves and flowers from just below the surface of the ground.

Turmeric blooms by sending up a strange looking cone on the end of a stalk. This cone then opens up in numerous little pale yellow turmeric flowers. The bright green foliage of the turmeric plant can grow up to a yard tall and has leaves that are much wider than those of the ginger plant. These leaves, or turmeric herb, are edible, but not commonly consumed.

Curcum domestica is another variety of turmeric with large spade shaped leaves.


Turmeric's History
Turmeric has a long history of use, especially in the Indian culture. It was used thousands of years ago, and still is used today in Hindu religious ceremonies. The spice is believed to improve fertility. Turmeric has also long been used as a dye for fabrics and as a flavoring for foods.


Health Benefits of Turmeric Dried turmeric finger
Many health benefits of turmeric have been reported. Scientific research has confirmed some of these. Turmeric and its main active ingredient, Curcumin, have been shown by research to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This spice might also help liver function, lower LDL cholesterol, and may even help fight some kinds of cancer, but these uses need more scientific research to confirm turmeric's effectiveness.



 Turmeric is also known around the world as Tumeric, Indian Saffron, Curcuma, Haldee, Zirsood, and Terre-Mérite.




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